Technology In Dystopian Novels

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People rave about the future advancements of technology, daring to speak of a time where humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. Dystopian novels, foreshadow events to occur, a world of robots’ rule. The advancement of technology, leads to an inevitable robotic takeover. Technology, touches upon every aspect of our life. With four million cellular towers, and four thousand orbiting satellites, it seems that technology is inescapable. There are 115 million television sets, scattering across the nation of America. Go to a mall, take a walk in a bustling city, take the train; pause for a moment, and look around you, surely you will see swarms of people with iPhones in hand as they zoom by. Ranging from newborns to the elderly, technology has weaned its way into the hearts of people worldwide. Babies are more likely to, first, learn the controls of an iPad, than they are to speak. The elderly have television sets, that they see as the magic box, that keeps them company everyday in their dwindling life.…show more content…
It’s on national tv. Oh, forbid, the President, have an extramarital affair, because his love life will be broadcasted on all of television network. A terrorist attack? No worries 7-news, will provide you the latest gory details. A school shooting? Don’t worry the media will sway the American people towards gun control right away. You did not know Kanye West decided to run for 2020? You should, there was a whole hashtag devoted to his candidacy. Girl with Cancer needs money? MAKE THIS

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