Genetic Engineering

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  • Importance Of Curriculum Development

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    RELEVANT AND INTERDISCIPLINARY POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES IN ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Dr.V.Thanikachalam FMR Professor and HOD, CIA, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai, India Abstract Innovative methods of curriculum development based on the reverse system approach coupled with national engineering qualification framework provide promise to develop industry relevant postgraduate programs in engineering technology. By close collaboration with the association of

  • A Short Summary: Why Do Engineers Need Ethics?

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    Fleddermann describes engineering ethics as “a body of philosophy indicating the way engineers should conduct themselves in their professional capacity.”[1]. Ethics and morals work in tandem in the engineering workplace which contributes to order harmony and expectations. Ethics can also be viewed as values. Values are embedded in our characters and last longer and are subject to relative forces. Our behaviour in the society and workplace is motivated by our values. Engineering practice started in

  • Medical Receptionist Essay

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    The medical field is a prestigious line of work that requires many hours of school and restless nights. The following are just three of the thousands of careers in the medical field. Nursing, biomedical engineering, and medical receptionist, are three very different careers with three very different roles. Nursing deals with directly communicating with patients and doctors above the position. Nurses oversee patient care, without being in charge of patient care, meaning nurses do all the work doctors

  • Reflection Of Observation In Engineering

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    Man created a square Tyre. Once the square wore out he realized the rounded edges were better and created a circle. Other men used his design. We cannot learn everything on our own. Observation alone takes too much of time, hence we need to learn from the successes and failures of ourselves and others. The best place to Learn and acquire this is university as we come across several people with varied experiences and a melange of backgrounds. The teachers are the cherry on the cake. With their experience

  • Civil Engineer Essay

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    Civil Engineer/Dental Hygienist The performance of engineering has intrigued me from the start with the application of mathematics, practical knowledge in order to innovate, design, construction, build, and maintain. Civil engineering has pulled me to a greater passion. After countless hours studying on how to become a civil engineer and learn what exactly they do has expanded my horizons and thoughts, knowing there is a job created that I will enjoy doing for my entire life. Being able to operate

  • Career Goals In Career In Electrical And Electronics Engineering

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    was always interested in knowing new things, especially which are related to science and technology. This enthusiasm and a normal penchant for science and especially physics and mathematics made me opt this branch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for my undergraduate studies. In high school, we were taught about the harmful effects of carbon emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels to run vehicles and generation of electricity. I was always keen about automobile technology and when

  • Role Of Engineering In The Society

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    of Engineers in The Protection of Society Engineering is the professional art of applying science to the optimum conversion of the resources of nature to benefit man. As we know, engineering is one of the toughest course in the world. Oxford Dictionary defined the words engineer as a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures. Associated with engineering is a great body of special knowledge. At the same time, engineering practises and prepares for professional practice

  • Personal Statement Essay: Why I Want To A Computer Science

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    entered a new phase of my life when I scored 99 out of 100 in Computer Science during my Pre-University College exams which influenced my decision to take up Computer Science as my core subject for Engineering. Being a consistent student, I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte with an aggregate of 8.57 CGPA. Exposure to subjects such as Computer Graphics, Advanced Computer Architecture, and Multimedia Processing motivated me to keep

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology

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    Sometimes the fact of having technology all around you pauses your mind for minutes, how did we reach to this point were technology is literally everything. You talking to them several times trying to occupy their minds or even take their eyes away from the computer seems useless! Yes, this is where technology brought us to, it took us to a world where the children are not children anymore. Programmed mentally, psychologically and physically bounded. With one press of a button the child enters different

  • Essay For Mechanical Engineering

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    “Science can amuse us all, but it is engineering that challenges the world” –Isaac Asimov Cluster of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in my schooling sowed a seed of engineering passion in me. It was during my 9th grade, when I represented the school in an inter-school Science-Quiz competition, motivated me to discover the auxiliary essentials of Science and technology in modern world. In my high school the various topics in Physics and Mathematics made me wonder how the blend of traditional