Genetic Engineering

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  • Marxism In Brave New World

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    Individualism has always been feared by society. Karl Marx created a phenomenal theory known as the Marxism Theory. The Marxism Theory consists of many different aspects that lead to the main idea of a stable society. In the text Brave New World, Aldous Huxley envisions a full functioning society that has been conditioned and genetically engineered. Huxley envisions a utopian society where everyone there appears to be truly happy. In this society everyone is given a social status at birth. Just like

  • The Pros And Cons Of Biobutanol

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    BIOFUELS Two problems roused the world’s concern in recent years. One is energy crisis caused by the squandering of petroleum fuel. Second problem is environmental problems such as greenhouse effect, global warming, etc. To deal with such problems, renewable sources, utilization technology and bioenergy production technology have been developed. Bioethanol as one of the biofuel can be blended in different proportions in automobiles with gasoline. Biobutanol is also a new biofuel (Liu, Wang, & Zhang

  • Persuasive Essay On Mars Pros And Cons

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    The amount of money the government spends on space exploration is astronomical; however, exploring Mars and creating a backup plan for Earth is worth the investment. NASA’s budget for the year of 2015 is $18.01 billion. $2.5 billion is spent on Mars exploration through its rover, Curiosity. However, with global warming becoming an increasingly problematic issue, exploring a new place to possibly live one day is worth the costs. Global warming is already causing dramatic effects on the world’s communities

  • Firefly Algorithm Analysis

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    Parameter optimization of non-traditional machining processes using firefly and non-dominated sorting genetic algorithms 1. Introduction Non-traditional machining (NTM) processes are considered to be one of the most developing advanced methods used in manufacturing industries for machining the complex geometry and intricate profiles. Materials with high precision are the demands of the present days. Materials science has led to the evolution of difficult-to-machine, high-strength temperature-resistant

  • Economic Slump Analysis

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    The current situation of the economic slump in Western countries invites politicians and scholars to look at the past and to draw conclusions from this historical perspective. The period between 1975 and 1995 is interesting because of its similarities with the present modest economic performance. Economic performance can be defined as the achievement of economic objectives such as growth or budgetary stability. The indicators that can be used are varied. This paper mainly focuses on the increase

  • Mayan Disappearance

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    divine beings identified with nature, including the lords of the sun, the moon, rain and corn. At the highest point of Maya society were the lords, or "kuhul ajaw" (heavenly rulers), who guaranteed to be identified with divine beings and emulated a genetic progression. They were thought to serve as go betweens between the divine beings and individuals on earth, and performed the extravagant religious functions and customs so imperative to the Maya society. The Classic Maya fabricated a considerable

  • Sugar Making Process Report

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    also important to note that a fuzzy logic can be interfaced with a conventional control (Reznik 1997). Fuzzy Controller In Sugar Mill Japan first started research activities on fuzzy logic. A research institute, Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering (LIFE) started functioning in 1993. The Japanese researchers are the leaders in the practical implementation of Fuzzy theory and now have more than 2000 patents in the area. Now fuzzy logic controllers are being increasingly applied in areas where

  • Advantages Of Biopiracy

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    which the resources are taken from. These developing countries are rich in biodiversity and offer potential for corporations to make money. This is why these countries are a target. These corporations exploit the naturally occurring biological or genetic material, and may place patents that restrict its future use, without paying fair compensation to the community from which it originates. The problem that arises from this is that the communities value their biodiversity. The natural resources are

  • Examples Of Descriptive Data Mining

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    Overview of Predictive and Descriptive Data Mining Techniques Pradnaya P. Sondwale Abstract – The overall goal of the data mining process is extraction of information from large data sets and transform it into some understandable structure for further uses. It is a process of using different techniques to find useful patterns or models from data. This process of selects, explore and model large amount of data. Data mining can also be used in different areas of our life like social science, psychology

  • Aspergillus Niger Literature Review

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    CHAPTER # 1: LITERATURE REVIEW Gardnerj et al (1956) investigated citric acid production by mutants of Aspergillus niger. The strain of Aspergillus niger was improved by X-rays and ultraviolet irradiations and found that as compared to wild, the mutated strain give more yield of citric acid. They concluded that 80 % of the sugar fermented was obtained in aerated culture, whereas only 21 % was obtained with the parent strain. Banik et al