Molecular Genetics Lab Report

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The purpose of this experiment is to highlight the relationship between molecular genetics phenomena and Mendelian inheritance. The term genetics can be defined as the study of heredity, how it unifies with biology and how it impact humans. Mendelian inheritance deals with the particulate theory of inheritance and how traits are passed from parent to offspring. According to author Robert Brooker, traits are defines as genetically determined chracteristics; some examples of the first traits studied in humans were polydactyl and hemophilia. (Brooker, 2014). Traits of organisms are controlled by genes; genes are the section of a DNA on a chromosome which encodes for the formation of proteins which controls traits. There are three main type of…show more content…
Methods In the first experiment we demonstrated four trials of rolling a 4- sided dice and three trials of flipping a single coin in order to observe the concept of chance, we then flipped two coins at the same time to determine the chance of independent results occurring simultaneously. In order to apply the chi-square test we randomly selected a hand full of beads of equal size and shape from a mixture of red and white beads, we then carried out the necessary calculations to get the deviation from what was expected. In the second experiment we receive a vial of wild type D. melanogaster, we then placed the fly-nap wand inside the vial for about 30-45 seconds or until there was no movement in the vial. We gathers approximately six flies and observed the flies underneath the stereo microscope to determine if they were male or female based on specific distinguishers, example (male have less sternites, more heavy dark bristles around lower abdomen and sex combs on the legs). Finally we prepare a monohybrid cross by repeating the napping process and placed napped males and ales in a vial that was prepared with fly food and a plastic net. We observed the vial the next day and removed F1 adult flies and harvested DNA. To complete the experiment we napped and observed F2 sex and

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