Genetic Engineering

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  • Disadvantages Of Flash Memory

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    As flash memory becomes popular, flash memory based solid state drive (SSD) has been the major storage device. SSD has numerous merits such as high I/O speed, low energy consumption, strong shock resistance and small form factor. Meanwhile, some shortcomings still exist including erase-before-write and different cost for read, write and erase operation. Aiming at efficient buffer management of SSD, this paper proposes a novel approach based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. The PSO

  • Pros And Cons Of Genetic Testing

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    Genetic testing is a relatively new field. It is a kind of medical test that distinguish the changes in DNA, RNA, chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The results of such a test can affirm or dismiss any suspected genetic condition or help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder. Genetic testing also examines the genetic data contained inside a person’s cells to figure out if that person has or will develop a certain type of genetic disorder or could pass a genetic

  • Persuasive Speech About Wild Animals

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    As children, we love pretty much every animal we encounter. We want to play wrestling with wolves, we want to cuddle up with bears, and we want to pet tigers. As we mature, however, we begin to understand that such creatures are not quite as friendly as the illustrators of our storybooks made them out to be. Fearing for our safety, we lose our desire to play wrestling with wolves and pet tigers (although some of us retain our love for cuddling up with bears). Despite our heightened and entirely

  • Statement Of Purpose In Civil Engineering

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    innovation and vast opportunity for improvement. Civil engineering is one such science which is a gamut of technologies. All through my adolescent and adult years I have been insistent on one thing. It has been my endeavour to fill all my personal activities and pursuits with passion and joy. This approach has also brought important decisions before me. I finished my undergraduate study in civil engineering and my decision to opt for engineering as my career option has given away the most practical

  • Essay On Earthquake Engineering

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    Fields of Engineering Which Are More in Demand than IT Mrs Neeru Anand, Director (Human Capital), Acreaty Management Consulting Firm If you are curious and passionate about exploring the innovative technology and discovering novel concepts to make things better, then undoubtedly an engineer resides in you. Your cravings to make a positive change in this world, using creative and practical thoughts can really benefit both you and the society at large. It’s a myth that IT is the only engineering field

  • Mallabhum Institute Of Technology Case Study

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    Mallabhum Institute of Technology, Bankura Mallabhum Institute of Technology has been opened in the year2002 by eminent engineers, doctors and influential persons of Bishnupur in Bankura district. It is located in the Bankura district of state West Bengal. It is dedicated to provide good infrastructural facilities to the students and recruit the best possible faculty to offer premiere education to the future technocrats of the society. It has the mission to prepare competent candidates capable of

  • Essay On Sleep Deprivation

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    Sleep deprivation takes a significant toll on the human body targeting health, the mental state, and the physical aspect. "Sleep deprivation is defined as not obtaining adequate total sleep" ("Sleep Deprivation"). The causes for not obtaining the required amount of sleep are due to various reasons and differs from person to person. However, the effects that it takes on an individual should be closely examined in order to prevent any permeant harm to occur to the human body. Being able to read of

  • Group Technology In Cellular Manufacturing

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    This project deals with the cellular manufacturing system by using hybrid genetic algorithm. In the manufacturing industry cellular manufacturing plays an important role especially in batch production. Cellular manufacturing is established upon the philosophies of group technology in which part families are identified and similar parts are recognized and group together in order to take benefit of their similar attributes and design as well. The objective of this project is to maximize the grouping

  • Analysis: Particle Swarm Optimization

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    PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION Particle swarm optimization ( PSO) is a heuristic global optimization technique put forward by Doctor Kennedy and E berhart in 1995. it makes few or no assumptions about the problem being optimized and can search very large spaces of candidate solutions. It is developed from swarm intelligence and was inspired by the movement of behavior of bird and fish flock. PSO simulates the bird flocking behavior. Consider the following situation a group of birds are randomly searching

  • The Importance Of Resilience In Psychology

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    2013, p. 2). Mental activity describes acquirement, storing, conversion, and use of the knowledge that take place during the cognition process. Cognition is important to other areas of psychology because people who are experiencing stress or general depression tend to recall memories in a summary way, meaning there is no real detail or extension to the memory. This often happened in the movie, as Will never really went into detail about his childhood outside of the most traumatic experiences that