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  • Bajaj Finserv Case Study

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    implementing these functions I am able to learn more pros and cons than what I have learnt theoritically. Purpose of doing these for the company is to Penetrate the Finance at store level and to implement those for the better profits and better functioning of the company. Analyzing the Transaction Systems (

  • Magadi Ash Company

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    This case study primarily focuses on the International Finance Corporation’s efforts to bring about socio economic development in the region of Magadi division by investing in a key player in the region- Magadi Soda Company. It is part of International Finance Corporation’s efforts to help people out of poverty by investing in the private sector. In this case, the Magadi Soda Ash Company is the key aspect of the private sector of magadi Division. Formerly known as the Magadi Soda Company, Tata Chemicals

  • Maldives Islamic Bank Case Study

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    Ltd (MIB) started their operation during 7th March 2011. With current share capital of of MVR165 million the organization is owned by the Islamic Development for Corporation (ICD) who holds 85% shares while the remaining 15% is owned by Ministry of Finance & Treasury which represents Government of the Maldives (Maldives Islamic Bank , 2015). MIB businesses are carried in strictly compliance with shariah principles and excluded from any interest rate, gambling and any other unislamic practices. The

  • Laura Newland Chasing Zeroes Analysis

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    being compared with her peers. After being pushed towards finance, Newland

  • The Importance Of Microfinance

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    microfinance providers have been the world leaders, and build the significant microfinance industries in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Bolivia with the help of their achievements (see Kieran, 2004). Today, commercial banks are recent applicants to the micro finance industry. In Pakistan, khushhali Bank is a well known established commercial bank

  • Essay On How To Manage Money

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    may be, you wouldn't exactly know the perfect way to manage and improve your finances. Simply because this is not exactly taught in every school, but it is actually one of the most important things to learn because you would have to carry that knowledge your entire life. It may easy at first but it will get a little too overwhelming at times, so here are some amazing tricks you can try to manage and improve your finances. SAVE BEFORE YOU SPEND Spend what you have, not what you hope to make.

  • Factor Analysis In Economics

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    problem is also part of Finance Problem. The Seventh problem faced by MSMEs is relating to Technology. This is derived in Factor 7. There is only one variable derived in factor 7 relating to technology which is Non availability of Machinery. This variable is representing the problem relating to technology. The technology problem also affects the

  • Importance Of Credit In Agriculture

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    government has taken measures to solve these problems of the rural credit. Establishing agricultural finance institutions was one of the steps. ADFC in 1952 and ABP in 1957 were established to finance agriculture and they were merged into ADFC which is considered as the main source of agriculture finance. In 1976 federal bank for cooperative was set up which has been very effective to provide finance to the agriculture

  • Socio Sector In Kenya

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    EFFECTS OF MICRO FINANCE SERVICES ON THE GROWTH OF MEDIUM AND SMALL ENTERPRISES CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1Background of the study Promotion of MSE sector in Kenya is a viable and dynamic strategy for attaining the national goals which includes employment creation, balanced development between sector and sub sectors and poverty alleviation.This sector have been the means through which accelerated growth and rapid industrialization have been achieved.Koech(2011)

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Central Banks

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    the character of an agent because of its various agency services. 3.2 CLASSIFICATION OF BANKS Today is the age of specialization and we can find specialization in all fields including banking. The banks have specialized in a particular line of finance. Banks are generally classified on the basis of the