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  • Inovest Investment Company Case Study

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    Introduction Inovest Investment Company is a sharia complaint investment bank established under the 1st category license by the CBB in 2008 in the Kingdom Of Bahrain. It believes in the spirit of dynamic, innovative and result oriented system of operation. Financed by the people who established Al Khaleej Development Company “Tameer”. Inovest is built upon a robust business model that encourages efficient business and risk taking practices. The vision of the bank is to be a market leader not only

  • Cost Benefit Analysis Of HSBC Bank Malta

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    HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. is an international banking service and the world’s biggest financial services group in Malta. They serve around 48 million customers through four global businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking. HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. is a member of the HSBC Group, whose ultimate parent company is HSBC Holdings plc. Headquartered in London, HSBC Holdings plc is one of the largest banking and financial services

  • Antamina Case Study

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    1. In what way is the development of a copper mine like Antamina a real option? In what way is the bidding structure put in place by the Peruvian government an option? Real options represent the right but not the obligation to make investment decisions once uncertainties unfold. Real options include management flexibility which is the concept that management can change their decisions about a certain investment over time when a particular aspect of the investment uncertainty becomes known. In real

  • Saving Behaviour Case Study

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    1.1 INTRODUCTION Saving behaviour is an interesting topic to be study on. In his research Kotlikoff (1989) described the question of what determines saving as a good jigsaw puzzle. It has a number of pieces. Some of the pieces have been found. Those that are available do not immediately fit together, but not all the combinations have yet been tried. The pieces that are missing are not necessarily in the bottom of the box and indeed miry be mixed up with identical-looking pieces in some other

  • Ecab Case Study

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    TASK 2 (P2.1, P2.2, P2.3) (P2.1) Ecolab’s economic progress is to drive economic growth for their shareholders, employees, customers and communities. This will provide the potential output of the company and the growth and development will give more opportunities to the company to produce more vital resources to contribute to the world and meet the demands and satisfaction of the people. During the year 2011, Ecolab drove their business sales and earnings growth and attracted returns for shareholders

  • Workplace Diversity Research Paper

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    Workplace Diversity For my research project I chose to write about workplace diversity. Workplace diversity is a workplace that is made up of employees that has a variety of different characteristics and experiences. A workplace is diverse when you see different ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations and abilities. Here is why diversity is important in the workplace. On Smallbusiness website, they talk about a variety of things as to why it is important to have diversity

  • Fico Credit Score

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    Did you know that your credit score will have a direct impact on most major purchases you make? It will definitely have an effect on the rate you’ll get with your auto loan, or how much you’ll be able to borrower for a new home. Most financial institutions in the United States use FICO credit scores as a basis for providing loans to consumers. A FICO credit score is made up of a variety of personal financial statistics and can range from 300 (lowest) to 850 (highest). This number is directly related

  • Keynes Theory: Fiscal Multipliers

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    Keynes theory Fiscal multipliers are defined as the effect of a one dollar change in fiscal policy, either a one dollar increase in spending or a one dollar decrease in tax revenues, on GDP. In other words, fiscal multipliers are the ratio of a change in GDP to a one dollar change in fiscal policy (IMF paper). There is no agreement among the literature regarding the size and the significance of the fiscal multipliers as the findings concerning the fiscal multipliers significantly differ across the

  • Unsecured Personal Loan Case Study

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    Why Unsecured Personal Loans Online Are The Superior Loan Option Borrowing money is already becoming a way of life for most Filipinos; hence applying for loans in the Philippines can be a stressful process. The centralized information of the Credit Information Corporation (CIC) already has a wider reach and the availability of credit history checks have become easier for lenders. On the other hand, unsecured personal loans online have taken much of the stress out of the loan application process.

  • Disadvantages Of Secured Cards

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    A secured credit card is one that is given against a collateral, typically a fixed deposit. The security deposit serves as a cash collateral in case of non-payment by the credit cardholder. The bank is permitted to liquidate the fixed deposit to recover debts in case of credit outstanding. Secured cards offer a great means for banks to reduce their risk by only extending as much as can be covered in case of any defaults by the cardholder. Secured cards have also become an integral part of building