Don H. Zimmerman's Doing Gender Analysis

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In “Doing Gender”, by Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman, the concepts of sex and gender are discussed. Gender may at first seem like a straightforward concept that simply distinguishes males and females; however, it is actually an identity and social position gained through social and cultural interactions. Unlike sex, which distinctively groups humans based on biological characteristics, gender categorizes people based on social means. Therefore, gender can be seen as something that we do and perform in social situations, rather than an innate identity. (175) The authors discuss Goffman’s perspective on gender, which is that gender is a “socially scripted dramatization of the culture’s idealization of feminine and masculine natures, played…show more content…
Because society has created a culture that reveres and looks up to men who exhibit strong masculine traits, such as being bold, stoic, and not showing vulnerability and feminine qualities, many men falsely believe that they should act in the same manner. (25) Sports, for example, is where this behavior is commonly seen. Men and boys think they should always “shake off” an injury, whether it be minor or major, and be able to play through it so that they are able to finish the game and be not seen as a quitter. (25) Such standards induce males to take unhealthy and dangerous risks, and when they inflict harm on their bodies they do not take of it because it might be seen as weak. The stereotypes and ideals associated with a gender category can force people to make wrong decisions and live an unhealthy lifestyle. Marsiglio’s article also discusses the gender bias associated with childcare. Because of how society and media has portrayed mothers as the primary person to take care of children, many fathers tend to stay away from childcare. (25) Since men are likely to act in a way that is socially accepted as a masculine behavior, fathers might disregard helping to take care of children, which is unhealthy for both the child and the father in fostering a healthy

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