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I watched the play called Lovers and Players on September 26, at the Emmett Robinson Theatre. The play began at 7:30 P.M. The story takes place in Padua, Italy 1569. A group of actors has just arrived for Carnival when they realize a member has gambled away all of their money and taken off. The leader is then forced to find an alternative way to keep the troupe going until the next performance. The production outlined the importance of love and honesty during the play. I am not familiar with any other versions of this play. Lovers and Players is a new comedy by Kathryn Walat. I am not sure when and where the play was written, but I do know Walat is a performing arts and dramatic writing professor at SCAD. I assume the play was written in…show more content…
Addison Brown, who portrayed Anna, did not believe in love, but that changed when she met Sadia Matthews or Zita. Although Brown and Matthews were both females their love was convincing because they kissed numerous times. Matthews grabbed Browns breast and waist as if she were admiring her figure. Carter, Rutkowski, Wensel, Gaffney, Brown, and Matthews’s actions supported the concept of love. All of the productions characters seemed real, but Emily Kautzer, who performed Saint Julia. Throughout the production the actors did a satisfying job of falling if it was required. Their actions and reactions were credible, especially when one actor slapped another…show more content…
The costume designer was Janine McCabe. Brown was the group leader and wore a long green dress with black flats. During the play her costume changed to a short green dress, but her shoes remained the same. She also wore a brown belt and headband. Carter began the play with a pink “princess” dress and wore a tiara. She changed into a long dress by the end of the play and removed the tiara. Rutkowski wore a blue top, stripped shorts, white sneakers, and hat. Matthews costume was one that stood out the most. She wore a long tan sparkling dress and had her body was painted a gold color. Fadi Magdi Atteya or the mobster also stood out because he wore an all-black suit and had a cat puppet on his right hand. The female’s hair was curled, straight, or in a ponytail. Their makeup was very simple and the men wore it too. I think the costumes helped the production concept because they were a Commedia troupe that traveled offering their show to different

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