Out Of Panic Self Reliance Analysis

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There are many comparisons that can be made using certain American historic examples to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on Self Reliance. We see that even from the start of our nation, excess spending in high hopes that the people are able to support the government is clearly seen. In helps to support the government in times of need they have asked other countries to help and have created high inflation prices on consumer products. Many of the crises that have occurred in American history have happened due to banks loaning out money more than they could afford to, this made the American government bail them out. Harold Bloom, author of “Out of Panic, Self-Reliance,” writes about the American people seems to have lost some of their own self-reliance. Bloom uses Emerson’s name as means for the American people to understand and connect with what Bloom is trying to explain. It allows others to refer back to a previous person who has a strong support and foundation. Bloom talks about the banks loaning out money and as soon as it stopped supplying money to those who needed, it caused people to…show more content…
In these quoted sections, Emerson brings light to the fact that people have lost the ability to think for themselves. That man is only “tassel at the apron string” or that “he is the servant of his belly,” Emerson believes that man has lost all control for himself and no longer carries an original thought. Going back to the crises that Bloom has mentioned in his articles, it only seems to fit the idea that the banks kept loaning out money in full hopes that the government would help bail them out. But unlike what was previously allowed, the government was unable to help the failing banks and when no money was given, the economy started to

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