Nothing To Envy

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Imagine living in a world where everything is controlled by the government. Food is given to you at a set amount, clothes are virtually the same for everyone, and even the most minor offenses against the government can result in death. Well, this is what it is like for the people of North Korea. The book, Nothing To Envy, by Barbara Demick lets you see North Korea through the eyes of six North Koreans and their struggle to live an everyday life. This life changing novel allowed me to witness the adversities of North Korea from the perspective of multiple citizens who went through this each and every day. Nothing To Envy follows six main characters: Mrs. Song, Oak-Hee, Mi-Ran, Jun-Sang, Kim-Hyuck, and Dr. Kim. The characters give first-hand…show more content…
It really expresses the amount of effort that was put into this book. One of the most detailed parts is when Demick described how each person left North Korea. As an example when Mi-Ran’s relatives in China, “rustl[ed] up plausible forgeries of passports” so her family could get to South Korea (Demick 269). I was fully immersed in this novel for a couple of reasons. To start with, the stories were thrilling. I found myself barely being able to put this book down. The stories keep that element of curiosity throughout; making you wonder what could possibly come next. One of my favorite parts was learning how each of the main characters defected from the country. There was definitely an emotional aspect to this novel. Reading about the adversities the people of North Korea went through and continue to go through each and every day makes me realize how lucky I am. It was depressing to read that Dr. Kim, “had little desire to go home at night.” after the death of her father who was the only family member she had. (Demick 112). This novel was very inventive and also ingenious. It is very unique and clever in the sense that there are literally not too many novels that cover the subject of North Korea. This definitely keeps a fresh storyline by allowing the reader to learn about a culture from real people and learn about a country where almost nothing is
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