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Who doesn't love a little Southern hospitality, green sprawling forests and huge modern cities? That's what you'll find yourself diving into in Forestdale, Alabama. It's a There are many different activities and attractions to explore with your family. Forestdale, Alabama has some gorgeous lakes, wilderness attractions and not to mention it's many different communities and towns you can visit including, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Bimingham, Mobile and Montogomery; all offering their own uniqueness to Foresdale, Alabama. And did you know that you can even visit, the very popular, Gulf Shores? They are tourists favorite and ultimate destination. Those sandy beaches and warm water must have a lot to do with the popularity. Beach ares the best and if you're in the mood for some sun, sand castle…show more content…
Did you know these unique facts? Alabama has a state bird and it's name is “the yellowhammer.” It was chosen in remembrance of the Confederate soldiers from the state who were given the nickname for their 'distinctive uniform accouterments.' Magnolia Springs, AL has to get all it's mail delivered via boat. That doesn't happen very often in the United States. There has been a football rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. It began when the first game was played on 2/22/1893 Huntsville was home to “Saturn V.” The rocket that first took men to the moon. And if you're ready to get the family together for some fun attractions, you can look forward to many of them which include: If you enjoy golfing then you'll find that Forestdale, Alabama has some of the greenest and unique Golf Courses in the city. Do you have children? Well, that's totally fine because Forestdale, Alabama has some amazing adventures for children like, museums, the zoo and even amusement parks. Do you enjoy that glass of wine? Well, you can go to a Winery and check out all different varieties of

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