Is College Worth Incurring Debt

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College is something that crosses virtually all high school students within the four years of schooling. The value of college is so much more than additional years of schooling. Now all students that envisage college or even consider applying will not have the funds needed to attend. Is college worth incurring a significant amount of debt to occupy the career you’ve always wished? College is worth incurring significant debt and this beneficial information recited will let on the lifestyle of a college graduate. A person obtaining a college degree is a person with a reduced chance of losing their job during a recession. According to a financial advice column “college graduates … are more likely to have secure employment.” For instance, once you receive a degree, whether it be an associates, masters or even a professional one you are qualified to obtain any position. Moreover college graduates do not regret incurring debt.…show more content…
Advice from a financial column says “a college degree is not only good for you, its good for your family as well; college grads are more engaged citizens and parents.” Individuals who acquire college degrees tend to have higher self-esteem and are more independent. These people who are engaged citizens and fitter parents pay more taxes and are more likely to send their children to college. Also college graduates possess a significant amount of money. Individuals with a degree make more money than someone with a high school diploma or no schooling at all. For example, “someone with a doctorate degree at the age of 40 will make over 90,000 a year verses a high school graduate who will make under 30,000 a year.” Financial advice column says “a lifetime earnings for college grads are substantially higher than earnings of someone without one.” This is to say that the debt collected attending college to receive a degree and the career wanted can be paid

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