Calvin Coolidge's Analysis

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Growth can be defined many different ways. One way, as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary is “to become better or improved in some way : to become more developed, mature” (“Dictionary-Grow”). Calvin Coolidge’s quote highlights an important idea about growth: “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” In this case growth relates to the improved development of someone or something. The amount of growth and the rate of development is greatly dependent on the activity and how much effort we put in; this effort is strongly connected to the American value of a good work ethic. Coolidge’s quote is a great analysis of the idea that the more effort you put…show more content…
Coolidge believes that “There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” A recent article from Palm Beach Post, “Swimmer’s dedication, hard work pays off with scholarship to Villanova”, shows that hard work really does pay off. Darby Goodwin has been competing and training as a swimmer since she was seven years old. She and her family were so dedicated to swimming that they were willing to send her to a private high school farther away from their home because it was more accommodating to her swim schedule. Goodwin attends to her intense training schedule while still holding a weighted GPA of four point six. Due to her strong efforts and dedication she has earned herself an athletic scholarship to Villanova University in Pennsylvania (Meredith). Goodwin is a great example of a strong work ethic and how hard work pays off. America has grown and developed because of the effort we put forth in our activities and has molded our society into what it is…show more content…
I have been running cross country at my high school for three years now. During the winter I would train extra hard in preparation for the upcoming cross country season the following year.The past two years I played soccer during the spring and I found that just during that one season I had lost all of the progress I had made during the winter training season. When I returned to cross country in the fall I was really hard on myself because I hadn’t gotten any better since the previous season. Recently I realized that if I wanted to really develop into the best runner I can be, I have to focus and work hard at cross country and stop soccer. Soccer was getting in my way of growing into a better runner because it strengthened and trained a different part of my body that didn’t help me in cross country. This year I decided to continue with track in the spring and quit soccer. This way I am able to focus all of my dedication and hard work on running. I can already see major strides in my running development because I am putting all of my effort into

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