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Personality defines who you are as a individual ! It's what makes you different from the next person. You can't choose your personality , but you can choose how you act around a certain Individuals. For example , whatever you put yourself around is what you'd most likely become . Like , if you grew up in a bad environment and Around negative People then you will get used to it and that's what you want to be around . Be your own kind of personality . If you like country music then listen to country music . Don't Let anybody tell you any different . Be your own personality . Two Writers that show personality being influenced by environmental changes are Fredrick Douglass"The Narrative of The Life of Fredrick Douglass," written by Himself and…show more content…
He was shy and kept all his thoughts , secrets , and ideas to himself . In the book Douglass was brought Up in a hard time known as slavery time . He was mentally and physically beatin' everyday . Fredrick Douglass First grew up as a slave . Working in the fields all day and all night . He couldn't read . He Couldn't write. All He Knew was work . That was just his personality . That's what he grew up knowing to do . He didn't have the education many of us have today . That's what he was brought up not having . The day Douglass Wittiness his aunt being beaten by her master was the day Douglass realizes how slaves grew up , how slaves are growing up worthless , and how his culture is beginning to change.The the day Douglass got into a fight with his master, he also realizes that he was tired . He was tired of being treated as a low class person , he was tired of being looked down on , and he was tired of being treated the way he was treated . Douglass knew it was time for a change . Douglass knew it was time for a new personality . Douglass wanted a new personality . He needed a new environments that he felt comfortable in. Later in the book , Douglass went to New York and got married . He now has a better,happier,healthier environment to live in . He changed his personality. He put himself around something he'd like to…show more content…
That's where she was born at in b1980 . In 1987, she moved to the United States with her family . Where they all received their education . Kao is still trying to get used to the way things work in the United States . Her and her family lived in a small apartment . When her and her family realized that it was way to small for them and they needed a new comfortable environment . She wanted to make the life's journey of her family worth something . Once her family arrived in the United States they still faced hard times . Being away from something your family is used to is hard to adjust . Refuges coming to the United States had to learn to get jobs and speak the English language . Even though it it was tough for Kao and her family to make that journey . Kao's personality and how she handled her dramatic move kept her going

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