Symbolism In The Storm By Kate Chopin

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The short story titled “The Storm,” by Kate Chopin, is about a woman who has an affair with Alce ́e Laballie ̀re during a thunderstorm, while her family is at the store. Neither Alce ́e’s nor Calixta’s families are aware of the affair. Chopin effectively uses the rainstorm as a symbol and appeals to pathos; therefore, she claims that not all women are happily married. Chopin uses both Calixta’s and Clarisse’s marriages as evidence to support her claim. One way that she does this is by stating, “Calixta, at home, felt no uneasiness about their [her family’s] safety. Consequently she indicates that Calixta is apathetic about her family at a time when she should care about their wellbeing. Furthermore, Calixta is eager to have an affair with Alce ́e, even though they have not spent time with each other in a while. Chopin says, “She had not seen him very often since her marriage and never alone. Clarisse and Alce ́e are also having marriage problems, and they are separated. Clarisse is relieved to be home in Biloxi. She feels that “the first free breath since her marriage seemed to restore the pleasant liberty of her maiden days.”…show more content…
Initially, there is a lot of tension in the marriage, and Bobino ̂t assumes that Calixta will be angry with him for getting caught in the storm. To appease his wife, Bobino ̂t purchases one of her favorite meals. According to Chopin, “Bobino ̂t purchased a can of shrimp with Calixta was very fond of.” However, after the affair, Calixta and Alce ́e seem easier to get along with. Calixta is not angry, but instead, she is glad to have them home. She even exclaims, “Oh Bobino ̂t! You’re back! My but I was uneasy!” Consequently, Chopin uses the positive effect of the affair to offer sexual liberty as a possible solution to make marriages

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