Women's Role In World War 1 Essay

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The role of women has changed dramatically throughout history. It depends on the time period and the location on how women are seen in society. The impacts and importance of the roles that women have played are innumerable. Many go unnoticed and unappreciated. Even in areas where traditionally men get all the credit, there have been women behind much of the driving forces. Specifically, let’s look at World War 1. The duties and responsibilities that women took throughout both America and Europe had a monumental impact on how the war proceeded. The difference in the roles of women varied from country to country. Those who were citizens of the members of the Allied Powers, especially in the United States, Great Britain, Russia, France, and Belgium, played a much greater role in war efforts than those who were citizens of the Central Powers. This is one of the attributing factors of the outcome of the war. In the United States, women were a driving force behind war efforts. They held jobs in the military, factories, government, and any other position that needed to be filled. They sold war bonds and helped conserve food and supplies. There were many different reasons why women in America joined the war efforts. Most joined for patriotism, but another reason was feminism. “Many of these feminists hoped that patriotic support of the war would…show more content…
Many were driven by patriotism and a desire to do something exciting. Some dressed as men and a few served openly as women. One of the most famous female soldiers was Maria Botchkareva. She led the “Battalion of Death” which was made up of several hundred women soldiers. She was a great asset to the Russian Army. “After two failed attacks, she spent many hours crawling under German fire to drag her wounded comrades back to safety, evidently saving hundreds of lives in the course of her service at the

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