Neil Gaiman's The Truth

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Neil Gaiman’s short story mixes a revenge narrative with visual illustrations by Eddie Campbell, depicting the unnamed narrator’s motives against his guide Calum MacInnes, after convincing MacInnes to follow him inside the cave and dig up gold. Gaiman enhances his storytelling through illustrations like in his children’s books and collaborations with comic book publishers. However, with “The Truth…,” the painterly style adds to the mature themes of the story such as the violence, greed and desire. We start the tale of this dark journey, with a quest to find a cave inside the Black Mountains, in search of truth. The narrator is a dwarf, a small man, but he is clever and strong, driven by his desire. At first he seems pleasant, but there is…show more content…
Gaiman’s dark story is enhanced by the intricately moody illustrations of artist Eddie Campbell. The visual elements and the story itself are completely tied together. The story cannot be complete without the other – both are essential to giving the reader a full narrative and clear idea. The story goes through many themes and moods, from endearing, magical, melodramatic, and terrifying. The illustrations, most of them painted in very dark colors, create a feeling of gloom and increasing apprehension. As the story continues to darken, some of the illustrations are very macabre and…show more content…
Gaiman was inspiration for the story came from visits to the Isle of Skye, and the folklore of the Hebrides. The illustrations show the story in the Highlands, shown by use of character clothing and the color palette utilizing purples, greens, and black. However, that is the only indication of the setting, the text itself uses no dialect and is instead written in plain English. There is an wealth of traditional legends and lore, and a certain rhythm to the script that almost needs to be read aloud. Originally, the story was meant for a performance piece, being read on stage with the visuals as a backdrop to the

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