Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book

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F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a romantic story focusing on the well-to-do of the 1920s. When trying to portray this epic story, different directors may have many different ideas for each scene of the story. A scene that is important to the story is Myrtle’s party scene. This is the first scene where you see Myrtle and Tom together, cheating on their significant other. Two directors have taken this scene in different directions. The best interpretation of the scene is in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation. In the book, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, there is too much dialogue at Myrtle Wilson’s party to encapsulate the party feeling that people know and imagine from that time period. During this party there are lengthy conversations about topics…show more content…
The added crowd takes away from the intimacy in the atmosphere that the book creates. Also, Catherine has a drink (Clayton, The Great Gatsby) even though, in the book, she says that she can have fun on nothing at all.When talking about Myrtle’s clothes, the McKee’s are not introduced (Clayton, The Great Gatsby). If you had not read the book, you would not know that it was Mrs. McKee who speaks to Myrtle about modeling. Another important aspect that was changed in the movie is the word “‘people’” (Fitzgerald 32) to “‘servent’” (Clayton, The Great Gatsby) when Myrtle in referring to the boy who forgets to get the ice. This is important because it further shows that Myrtle is trying as hard as she can to distance herself from her actual societal and economical position. Before their arrival, Tom buys Myrtle a dog. In the book the dog is forgotten immediately after they enter the apartment. However, in the movie, Myrtle brings the dog out to show the crowd (Clayton, The Great Gatsby). Some aspects, like the slight word change, are very effective in the movie, but overall, this seen is too crowded and garbled to effectively show what kind of party Fitzgerald is trying to

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