Why Did Monarchs In England And France Expand Royal Authority

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How did monarchs in England and France expand royal authority and lay the foundations for united nation-states? There were many political and religious changes during the Middle Ages, which led to wars and new religions were established. These changes took place over the course of many years that included the Crusades, plagues, religious power struggle, and much more. Through these events, the middle ages were shaped and transformed, and it helped people in many places gain more power. Monarchs in England and France expanded royal authority and laid the foundation for united nation states because they were able to for a more unified bond between the townspeople and members of the middle class. This caused the townspeople to want to help out those royal leaders. The leaders showed how peace and unity could have a positive effect upon their trade, and also make it more prosperous. By showing unity, many new relations were created and it helped strengthen useful bonds. Monarchs gained power Monarchs in England and France were also able to expand their royal authority because of marriages that were arranged. These marriages were tactically…show more content…
Many stories and epics were written during this time. Some examples are Dante’s Divine Comedy, which is an epic poem that is sometimes seen as one of the best literature pieces, and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales which is a popular story about a voyage that talks about people’s pilgrimages. These works of literature were copied and illustrated by hand through the monks. “Wandering scholars and poets traveling to the Crusades learned of new writing styles. Courtly Love spawned a new interest in romantic prose. Troubadours sang in medieval courtyards about epic battles involving Roland, Arthur, and Charlemagne. Literature exploded from the universities as scholars began to question convention and write social commentary, as well as poetic fiction.”

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