Romeo And Juliet Tragic Hero Essay

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In every movie, there is a tragic hero. In the movie Romeo and Juliet, there is also a tragic hero. Romeo and Juliet could both be tragic heroes in the movie but, there is always a more tragic hero. Tragedy can be described as a type of drama that shows the downfall of a noble or outstanding person. To be a tragic hero, one thing you have to be is a character who makes a judgement error will lead to their death. In this case, I believe that Juliet is the tragic hero between Romeo and Juliet. For example, Juliet had more restrictions to the way that she lived her lifestyle. However, Romeo had more freedom. Juliet had the Nurse and her parents that wanted her to be a perfect Lady Capulet. Juliet's mother wanted to take complete control of Juliet's life and didn't even think about how Juliet felt. Juliet had to listen and do what her mother made her and told her do. As on the other hand, Romeo only had the friar because Romeo's parents were not introduced. But, this is not the only reason. Another reason is because Juliet had…show more content…
This is one example of Dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is kind of like a story about a woman who was dating a guy. The woman thought that the guy was being rude, but really he was trying to trick her so that he could propose to her in a shocking and surprising way. This relates with Romeo and Juliet because Romeo did not know that Juliet was going to ‘poision’ herself to escape to him. So he thought that she was dead and he actually poisoned himself before that he found out the plan. But this idea did not go as intended. Juliet’s plan was unsuccessful because Balthasar told Romeo that she was dead, but really she was not. Romeo did not think that he could stand the pain and so he actually poisoned himself. When Juliet woke up from her deep sleep, she found Romeo dead and she eventually killed herself. In conclusion, Juliet tried to help, but in the long run, they both

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