Women In Spartan Society

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Spartan society was influenced by the concept of Eunomia had a strong military orientation towards where its people devoted themselves to the military. The Spartans were known for being great warriors. Unlike most societies in that time period however the Spartan society was egalitarian. It was more so like the society of hunter gathers, but in its own way unique. Both genders of the Spartan society played a role in this society. What’s very unique is how the Spartan society was egalitarian towards their treatment to their women. Nothing like most ancient women Spartan women were able to have a voice, a choice on marriage, own and manage their own properties, live independently, compete, and get educated. In the time where other societies were…show more content…
Women in ancient societies like Greece and Rome underwent from living in Paterfamilias. Paterfamilias applied the concept that the father was the absolute owner of all his family and property, leaving the women from these societies completely left in the openness, with no voice or opinion to be said. The women did as they were told and weren’t able to interfere or make any suggestions on the duties the men were required to do for themselves. Most ancient women were expected to play their role of a basic house wife, and correspond to their duties in the house, attend to raising the children, and attend to their husband after they come home from doing their manly duties. But for the Spartan women that wasn’t the case. In Sparta, yes the women were required to do perform duties those of a house wife however, they were able to have an opinion and be heard, they were also able to own and manage their own lands in their husbands absence ,signifying that “the women were involved in managing the home and property”(Pomeroy “Goddesses” 39). They were able to do things more independently rather than expecting the husbands to perform some of those duties on their own. Due to the continued absence of the men, Spartan women were able to play an important factor in their society. The reasoning behind all this is because at age seven the Spartan men are basically adopted by the Spartan army and are taken under the wings on the military. They boys aren’t released until the age of thirty, leaving a huge gap men from those age groups. This also leaves the women with the responsibility to pick up after the men and make up for the absence of the men in running the households. Unlike the women having to respect and obey the man head of the household, it became opposite where the women were actually heard and had a voice and say the orders. The men actually respected the opinions of

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