Sparta And Athens Comparison Essay

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Sparta and Athens are both rivals of ancient Greece that are similar in ways, but differ when it comes to their aspects on life and how they operate their society. Both Sparta and Athens were located in Greece; were as Athens was the capital and largest city, and Sparta is located in Laconia. Athens and Sparta both had purposes, Athenians wanted to create a community with equal opportunities, and Spartans wanted to advance their soldiers. While both Athenians and Spartans are similar, they both have different focuses when it comes to their government, military, and view of women. When it comes to Spartan and Athenian government, there were two forms, oligarchy which was Sparta’s government, and Athens which was a democracy. Athens government was a democracy, which allowed for more freedom, and gave them the opportunity to share powers. Athens was referred to as the birthplace of democracy. Spartans government was an oligarchy which was a small group of people having control of a country,…show more content…
Neither allie was powerful enough to take the other down. Along with war between Athens and Sparta came many downfalls and both fell apart. According to Tignor, “ Sparta finally won the war, but only at the cost of destroying its own traditional social culture. In the end everyone lost” (193). Athens and Sparta both had well defined militaries but also different focuses and ruled a certain military. Spartans were dedicated and devoted to the military, Spartan men were trained at a young age to be soldiers, and taught to endure pain. At age 12, they were taken from the families, and lived communally outdoors (cite). Spartan society prized toughness and discipline above all other virtues (notes). Unlike the Spartan military, the Athenians were little bit more laidback, any citizen over thirty is eligible to serve. Athens focused on its navy, and not much did not have much

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