Wistar Rat Experiment

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First, the weight of rats used in the experiment and the weight of the AVS022 and its components by weight of rats at various dose. Next, the herbs mixed with sterile water to the volume 40 ml/kg this the safety volume for oral administration140 and dispersed the herbs powder for easy feeding to the rats. The study of the effect of AVS022 and its components on pain and edema in rat used to the standard model as following Figure 4.1 Figure 4.1 Diagram for the investigation of the analgesic effect and anti-edematous effect of Ayurved Siriraj Ha-rak recipe (AVS022) and its components in Wistar rats 4.2.5 Study the central analgesic activity of AVS022 and its components on hot-plate test Initial studies utilizing the hot-plate test…show more content…
(Figure 4.2) Figure 4.2 Hot-plate (series 8, IITC Life Science, USA.), the instrument for measure latency time of nociceptive response from rodents. On the day testing, eleven rats were randomly from 20 groups by trial on hot-plate for measurement latency time of baseline more than or equal to 15 sec but less than 30 sec were utilized in this studies. Thirty seconds is the Cut-off time that the maximum time allowed for the rat to remain on surface of the plate during testing and for preventing of the tissue damage. 33, 36 The latency of nociceptive response is the duration time for pain tolerance which started from the rat placed on hot-plate until showed the licking on hind paw as the end point and recorded with a stopwatch. (Figure 4.3) Figure 4.3 Licking on hind paw, the behavior of the rats shows to pain by thermal…show more content…
There were evaluated in early phase and late phase. Early phase is mediate by the central effect via a direct stimulation of C-fiber nociceptor by chemical irritant. Late phase is the inflammatory response mediate by peripheral effect via release some inflammatory mediator/transmitter. The formalin test was performed as described by Hunskaar and Hole 1987.121 The rats weighing 200-250 g were used, one hundred and twenty Wistar rat were randomly divided into twenty groups (N=6) as similar to previous model. The drug administrated by intragastrically of various dose of CM, CP, FR, HP, TT (60, 200 and 600 mg/kg) and AVS022 (300, 1,000 and 3,000 mg/kg) or indomethacin 10 mg/kg (treated once daily) sixty minutes before subcutaneous injection of 2.5% formalin solution (100 µl) into the plantar surface of the right hind paw. After formalin injection, the rat was immediately place individually in Plexiglas wall cylinder for observation. The licking time after injected paw was recorded by digital camera and expressed as total licking time in the early phase (0-5 minutes) and the late phase (20-30 minutes) after formalin injection.44-45 The licking time is the duration time when the rat lick or bit on injected paw to observed in time period. (Figure 4.5) The schematic plan of the formalin test was shown in Figure 4.6. The

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