Becoming A Marine Biologist Essay

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Is Marine Biology The Job For You? How many people have what it takes to become a marine biologist? According to many people, you could have better luck becoming a professional athlete. Being a marine biologist takes a lot of skill and knowledge but it is okay because it is a very enjoyable job. Jane Boseveld said, “Exotic creatures living in the deepest ocean communicate through a secret language of light for a human, the deep sea is as alien as deep space. Go down several hundred feet into the ocean and the world is dark blue. Another thousand feet and your surroundings have faded to a dim bluish-gray twilight” (Aliens of the Sea). Marine biologists mainly work with marine life and marine organisms. Marine biologists are generally people who enjoy the outdoors. “To many, it means being a dolphin trainer but to others it means managing a marine wildlife sanctuary” (Becoming a Marine Biologist). The things that are studied vary in size. The size can range from small things such as microscopic organisms all the way to big things like whales.…show more content…
To qualify for this job you would need a bachelor’s degree, PhD, M.D., and possibly a J.D. Some marine biologists are also required to have attended graduate school. This may sound like a lot but it really isn’t if people choose to work hard and take the job seriously. Marine biologists make a decent amount of money. They make around $37,000 - $63,000 each year depending on how much experience they have. Many people are interested in this job but there are very few job

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