Gregor's Room In The Metamorphosis

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In “The Metamorphosis” Gregor is stuck in his bedroom that metaphorical shows that he’s a prisoner in his house and in his family. Gregor stays their 24/7 and spends time by himself in the room. Gregor’s room is prison and it works like a prison would. He’s given food a certain time of day, he gets certain visitors and some has to approve his visits. The first person enter Gregor’s room is his sister Grete who makes remarks but in a gentle manor about him leaving his room in a dirty manor and not leaving his bed. She only wants him leave the room and feel better so he can bring money into this house. In The beginning she seems to care about Gregor by feeding and cleaning up after him, but when it seems her brother cannot ever again be useful…show more content…
Gregor’s mom enters after repeatedly having to ask her husband and daughter to go in, but she’s terrified to look at her own son in his metamorphosis phase. His mom is also the one that kind of brings back his Humanity and makes him realize how out of reality he truly has been. Gregor dad never enters his room, he just hit him or wanted to push him back in the room and lock him away. Gregor’s prison is worst when he locks his door at night and says it’s a habit he developed on his travels. But it signifies that he lives in a locked book and that his family is his prison guards who remind him it’s time for work, when to leave and etc. Gregor is trapped emotionally, he’s too blinded by the aspect of family and that you have to always have to be there for them. There never has been anything stopping Gregor from escaping the life forced upon him by his family, but he’s in this mental phase where he thinks he owes his family something and in order to pay pack he has to stay. He loves his family and does everything in his power to provide a pleasant life for them, sacrificing himself in this

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