Analysis: Should Teens Be Tried As Adults

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Today in the United States many teens have been sent and sentenced to adult courts. As according to the legislation if ny teen or child is accused of attempted murder or commit any adult crime they will be placed into an adult court rather than juvenile hall. As this question have been asked ¨should teens be tried and sentenced as adults?¨ Their is two different point of views in which, some individuals argue that teenagers don't really know what they are doing while committing the crime and also how their brain isn't fully developed. On the other hand, other individuals think it is great to sentence teens as adults as that they need to learn what they did from their crime; and deserve to be punished. I strongly believe that no child or teen…show more content…
In the article, ¨Straddling Finds on Teenage Brains¨”by Paul Thompson claims that many studies have shown that brains is still growing till age 25; in which many teens have their brain still growing. Thompson states, ¨But what really caught my eye was a massive loss of brain tissue that occurs in teenage years(7)¨. Stating that teens should not be tried as adults because it is true that the brain is still developing yet, teenagers are still learning and still maturing until they reach the certain age where that individual becomes and adult. Furthermore, In the article, ¨Reports says trying juveniles as adults is counterproductive¨ by Tricia Bishop demonstrates that teens should not be placed in adult courts because teens still can easily rehabilitate in the juvenile system. Bishop demonstrates a quote by Laura E Furr a Youth Initiatives within the Community Law In Inc. Furr states, ¨The Juvenile system is designed to rehabilitate… whereas the adult system is designed to punish only(6).¨ In which it gives an overview that teens that commit a crime are being tried as an adult and are giving punishment. Demonstrating that teens should not be placed in the adult system because they committed a crime that are constantly committed by an adult. Yes, it is true that teens should be given punishment yet, not by being placed in a adult court. Teens are more likely to rehabilitate than adults. That is why teens should rehabilitate in juvenile rather than being tried as an

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