Bohn Rhapsody Music Analysis

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Overview of Entire Piece As can be seen from Fig 1.1, this piece contains 6 sections including an Intro as well as an Outro and 3 main sections The Introductory Section which occurs from 0.00 to 0.54, begins with 5-part a cappella which is sung sung centered around Bb Major. This changes when the piano enters at 14 seconds marking the end of the a cappella, whilst the key still remains in Bb. This new formation continues until 0.54 hen the introduction ends as signified by the introduction of the bass guitar accompanied by Mercury singing solo with the piano playing a 2-bar riff. Ballad Section This marks the start of the first main section; the Ballad Section that lasts approximately 2 minutes and 9 seconds (0.54 to 3.03). At the beginning of this section 0.54, a piano plays a 2-bar solo…show more content…
This section of the piece probably is the most significant part of the piece as it was the first piece in which the concepts and influences of opera have been used in a Rock Song and as a result this makes Bohemian Rhapsody the most unique rock song in rock history. At the beginning of the Opera Section, the piano plays a total of 8 quaver chords for 2 bars before a solo tenor voice enters singing a 2-bar phrase before being interrupted by a group voice consisting of 3 singers singing another 2-bar phrase in unison, thus giving off a form of Call and Response between the solo voice and the group voices. Immediately following this “response” from the group voices, a much heavier and darker atmosphere is given off by a multi-voice choir accompanied by drums, bass, piano and guitar (3.12). This dark and heavy atmosphere is given off by the multi-voice choir and various instruments continue for 2 bars until 3.15, when a solo voice begins to sing in a call and response formation with the solo voice and the multi-voice choir from 3.36 to

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