Napoleon Bonaparte And Adolf Hitler Comparison

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Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler were two of the most imperious dictators in history. This book examined the lives of these great leaders and demonstrated the numerous striking parallels between their careers and the roles they played in shaping the destiny of modern Europe. Furthermore, the book shows how history can repeat itself. As a result, it can lead the audience to new insights of what the future may hold. Each man was an outsider during the early stages of his life and both struggled to be accepted by society. Napoleon, born in 1769, was a Corsican’s son. Hitler was born in 1889 and was an Austrian petit bourgeois. When examining their lives as young men, one noticed that Napoleon had found success in the military earlier than Hitler, who tried to find self-esteem through a fringe political group. Nevertheless, once they achieved total power over their country, they conducted their political and military careers in a similar fashion. The two dictators both achieved total power through a coup d’etat, which can be described as overthrowing the government of a country. Ultimately, their goals were the same; creating a new France, and in the other, a new Germany. Napoleon and Hitler both had this idea that through war, their countries could expand and gain more power and influence in the world. However, with total control…show more content…
According to my recent research on the author Desmond Seward, I discovered he isn’t an actual historian, but a writer. He has written many books about historical events and well-known personalities. My interpretation of this is that he is interested in many subjects and therefore can’t be a historian, since historians focus mostly on only one topic and then go into extreme details. This means that he gets the facts from his own research and from books he has read. Consequently, the information in the books he wrote may not always be absolutely

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