Dor-Shokhan Analysis

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In this article, pay attention to the specific Gheyas to look after people's ethics and manners, and a teacher in Dor-Shokhan, to highlight Heart depends on this valuable writer in Persian, to make the streams of thought in the Islamic world, the show. It's on that assignment to such a way of Dor-Shokhan the question is desired. This is because they have been discussed to be revealed that Gheyas although this is orientation and worldview in the individual lives of those uses, educational and moral dimension it is not remembered as well and it was in the context of people's lives to showcase. To show the tendency to such speculative Gheyas in Dor-Shokhan, take a look at this book and some of his references listed under the title of, the consent right and save a little on your nose, and…show more content…
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