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THE POSITIVE JOURNEY BEGINS Humble beginnings, Enduring times Recalling, it all really started when a young Indian Homeopathic doctor chose to do something remarkable. He chose to follow his vision - of making a visible impact on the Homeopathy firmament, one that would change the face of homeopathy in South India forever. Back in those days, Homeopathy was not a favourite choice of patients due to largely unfounded ignorance. Typically it was met with skepticism as the practitioners were far and few and lesser known than conventional doctors. But yet the tenacity prevailed and the remarkable happened. POSITIVE HOMEOPATHY opened its doors in 2005 and the rest is history, as people say. Established in early 2005 by Dr T. Kiran Kumar and his…show more content…
T. Kiran Kumar, the Founder and CMD of Positive Homeopathy, is an affable and unassuming person. A graduate from the Gulbarga University, the seeds of starting an affordable, patient friendly health care organization were already sown in his young mind. Modest on his ambitions and achievements, dwells is a strong willed individual of steely resolve and purpose. The resolve to put homeopathic care forward and the purpose to cure as many patients he can in his career. Understanding the limitations of conventional treatment but not undermining it, Dr. Kiran founded POSITIVE HOMEOPATHY to encourage and initiate constitutional therapy in full measure. His early days of organizational life with a team of 4 doctors in common endeavour, was also coincidental of the time with science and technology having taken over the reins of healthcare in the country. Leveraging the rapid strides in the field of healthcare and treatment of diseases, Dr. Kiran exploited the scenario to create an ambient health care and treatment regime affordable even to the common…show more content…
We carefully understand the challenges and difficulties that underserved communities face and work towards making a meaningful difference to them. POSITIVE HOMEOPATHY offers a variety of initiatives and programmes meant to enhance, enrich and create awareness in the community on various aspects of life. Our staff is committed to provide care and comfort to the people in all their medical needs. Towards this, we have developed many initiatives & programmes whose combination of medical and non-medical components will help empower the community in staying healthy and realizing their full potential. All our initiatives when identified are carefully studied in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community directly. This includes multiple meetings with the elders of the community and gauging their basic needs. We then design a course of action and subsequently, based on a consensual discussion with the village heads and other elders are the projects

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