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Many people wonder who was the most important or did the most that changed the world. Lots of people think that Sir Donald George Bradman did. Sir Donald Bradman was born in a small town called Cootamundra in New South Wales on the 27th of August 1908 but soon moved to Bowral where Bradman started playing cricket. Bradman soon started playing cricket for Australia and getting involved in other issues to do with cricket. Bradman died in Kensington Park in South Australia on the 25th of February 2001. Donald Bradman did so many important things to change the world and that is why he changed the world. Donald Bradman challenged the apartheid which led to him changing the world. Donald Bradman was anti-apartheid. After he wrote a letter to the…show more content…
When Bradman was younger his only friends were his mum and future wife Jessie. The debateable topic over Donald is if he was on the autism spectrum. He lacked empathy and had an ability to concentrate for long periods on repetitive tasks. In the 1948 test Don declared a sort of war on English cricket. In this test Don was determined to come out of the tour undefeated even if this meant exposing England players to a dangerous repeated ‘bouncer’. The players in both teams who had experienced the horrors of war were disgusted by his single-minded and bloody-minded tactics. Norman Yardley, England’s captain at the time while he enjoyed playing against Bradman he said that “he let his relentless determination to win sometimes run away with him.” One of the things he stated to do with this was he appealed for LBW from places he couldn’t see. Other English players Compton and Edrich said “Bradman, to put it mildly, had some qualities that were difficult to like or admire.” Malcom Knox a journalist stated “there was an overarching pattern here, with ramifications far beyond individual issues … it goes to the way cricket could have been played after the war and how Bradman stopped that from happening, redirecting it to a route that it has followed ever since.” Bradman’s disgusting tactics during this test were a disgrace and was a very negative part in his

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