Why Is Lady Macbeth Truly Evil

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Eric Britner 11/19/2015 Ms. Cangialosi English 12 Lady Macbeth essay While lady Macbeth is viewed as one of the most complex characters ever depicted on stage, she is also viewed as one of the most evilest. Reasons why she is viewed this way can be contributed to the fact that she came up with that big convoluted plan to kill the king and the fact that she wanted the power no matter what the cost. However, some see her in a different light when considering several important factors such as when she did it all to make her husband happy and how she may not be mentally stable. Lady Macbeth can be considered truly evil, but also is thought to be just misunderstood. For example the text says “Lady Macbeth, as her mind and heart began to fill…show more content…
I still do not like her but at least I understand her a little bit more. Lady Macbeth lost a few children, In fact she is not able to mother a child at all. This is a very stressful thing to go through as a women in that time period. In that time period, the only two purposes for a women were to do housework like cooking and cleaning and having children to her husband. I can understand why she had problems but this does not make her “not so bad”. I get why she went crazy because that amount of stress could drive anyone up a wall. It was also stated in the video that she had a split personality. I'm not sure if this means she has split personality disorder or she just goes through mood swings. I do feel bad for her because she goes through a lot. Maybe the fact that she is under all of that stress caused the personality disorder. I do feel that Lady Macbeth is the type of wife that I would want. Not for the crazy king killing thing but because she, however was selfish in some ways, everything that she did regarding the king was for her husband. She got in his brain and convinced Macbeth to kill the king because she wanted the best for him. She didn’t go about it the best way but she only wanted the king dead so Macbeth could be king. She just wanted him to have the life that he always
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