Who Is Responsible For Macbeth's Downfall

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At the beginning of Macbeth, Shakespeare portrays Macbeth to be a loyal and honorable person. His reputation is rapidly growing with the news of his good deeds at war. Nevertheless, his character is changed by the influence of several factors. We see this as the play progresses when motivation to succeed overpowers one and others are able to easily influence one to take wrongful actions to achieve a goal. As the story continues, Macbeth soon becomes a tyrant leader who is willing to murder anyone who is a threat and gets in his way. The key factors that lead to Macbeth's tragic downfall are caused by Macbeth’s actions, Lady Macbeth's persuasions and the prophecies of the three witches. Every man is responsible for his own destiny. In Shakespeare’s…show more content…
Her ambition contributes to Macbeth’s downfall as well as her own. Lady Macbeth fully supported the murder of Duncan from the start. When Macbeth wrote her a letter about how one day she will be Queen, her greed took over and she immediately encouraged Macbeth to kill Duncan. When Macbeth returned to the castle, he reevaluated his decision and considered the reasons why not to kill the King. Lady Macbeth knew that he might not go through with his plan, so she played on his ambitious nature and manipulated him by calling him a coward, “Which thou esteem'st the ornament of life/And live a coward in thine own esteem” ( ). She manipulates his self-esteem by commenting on his manliness and his bravery. She tells him her plan in hope that he will follow through with it. Macbeth was astonished at the brilliance and dauntless of her plan. He tells his wife: “Bring forth men-children only/For thy undaunted mettle should compose/Nothing but males. Will it not be received” (1.7.73). He loved his Lady Macbeth’s plan and he saw her compelling strength. Macbeth had the final say in whether or not to follow through with killing the king, but he loves Lady Macbeth, wants to make her happy but as well wants to prove to her that he is a man. Therefore, he officially decided that he would kill the King. Lady Macbeth is strong and dominates in her relationship with Macbeth. She knew how to provoke him, so that he would not listen to his conscience. Her thirst for power was so strong, that she was able to make Macbeth do what she wanted and convinced him that power would bring them happiness. With Lady Macbeth’s devious ways, she was able to influence Macbeth to let out his true evil side. She has a strong influence on him and is a main cause for his increasing ambition. The joint guilt of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth cause them to perish as individuals, each
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