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Anne Frank Remembered, written by Miep Gies, the lady who helped to hide Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust, retells the hard times which Jews in hiding during WWII went through, and how a young girl combatted the difficulties and always tried to look on the bright side. It is a touching story, as the remaining recountings of what the life of a Jew during the Holocaust are few and far between. Gies does a very good job at conveying the thoughts of those involved, which sometimes can be hard when you are the one involved. Fortunately, Otto Frank, the only one of those in hiding who was able to survive after they were found, was able to find and preserve Anne Frank's now famous diary, as it is a rare pathway to the thoughts of one who did not survive tragedy, although her legacy lives on. As World War II arrives in Europe and razias begin in the Netherlands, Otto Frank, his wife, and two daughters are looking for an area to hide out. Fortunately for them, Miep Gies, one of Frank's employees, and her husband Henk have a good spot for the Franks and another family to hide. The life of those in hiding and Miep is described, along with thoughts from those there. They hide there until 1944, when unfortunately they are discovered and taken to concentration camps. Mr. Frank was the only survivor of those who were in hiding.…show more content…
Firstly, without examples it is very hard to understand how tough life was for people hiding and the general public, with food rations, non-German radio being illegal, and other war hardships. Gies does a very good job at both describing these hardships and demonstrating how everyone dealt with it. Although the book is not about Anne Frank and her diary specifically, the recounting of how they handled the situation- with the knowledge that they could be killed for hiding Jews- is very well done. It really reaches out to the heart as one realizes how much better the life nowadays

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