Why Do Parents Need To Read?

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Growing up being able to read and write comfortably gives you a tendency to take those things for granted, that is until you meet someone who has trouble with both. I had the chance of meeting someone with this issue. This person being my older cousin Joey who up until fourth grade was not able to read or write properly. I experienced watching him struggle to read a menu and then eventually having to read it for him while on a trip to my hometown in California. This incident served as a reminder to my first experience with reading. Both my parents growing up had little opportunities in their education, they had to leave behind schooling to take care of obligations involving family. My mother did not graduate from high school nor did my father.…show more content…
By this age I had read my fair share of children’s picture books, and I was ready and looking forward to move on to reading chapter books. For some reason I had such a strong desire to begin to read books with chapters in them. I wanted to read bigger chapters books and even bigger ones after that. I clearly remember going to my school’s library and trying to convince the librarian that I was old enough to read the Lord of the Rings. I also recall, coming home and running straight to my room to begin reading whatever it was I had snagged from the library that day. I read all throughout the day and night ignoring the constant warnings from my mother to “stop reading at night its gonna hurt your eyes” and “don’t have the book so close to your eyes” and my personal favorite “don’t read so many books at one time, you’ll confuse yourself”. Maybe if I had listened to her I wouldn’t have to wear glasses. Not long after this did I realize that it wasn’t the size of the book that made it challenging, but the content of it. But by this time I wasn’t trying to read books that would challenge myself but rather read books that I found interesting and helpful, whether it be a book about a Magic Pickle or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer the possibilities were

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