Why Do Monkeys Are Not Funny

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Rudyard Kipling, the famous dead author that wrote The Jungle Books. And in that book: the story Kaa’s Hunting. And in the story: the Bandar-log, or Monkey People. Now, I know that some people may think that if monkeys are in the story, it means something funny is about to happen. Oh no, monkeys are not funny in this tale. They are not even close to funny. They are ignorant, want attention, can’t even think properly, and in many ways, like bullies. First off; the Bandar-log act silly, and they do this to get attention. They can do what most of the Jungle People cannot, and that is climbing trees. And they brag about it, too! They do not mind their own business, oh no. They start chit-chatting. An example for this is-“They boast and chatter and pretend that they are a great people about to do great affairs in the jungle, but the falling of a nut turns their minds to laughter and all is forgotten.” (Kipling, 31) They also leave what I call an “impact” on where they last were like bullies. An example of this is-“... and leave the dead monkeys where the Jungle-People could see them.” (Kipling, 32) I am sure they do this to be known.…show more content…
They think of themselves as a great people, when if they have an idea, they can forget it in a matter of seconds. They pretend they are the greatest of people, when they don’t even have a leader. An example of the fact that they boast on a daily basis is-“We are great. We are free. We are wonderful. We are the most wonderful people in all the jungle! We all say so, and so it must be true,” (Kipling, 44) An example of the fact that they don’t even have a leader is-“They were always just going to have a leader, and laws and customs of their own, but they never did, because their memories would not hold over from day to day, …” (Kipling,

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