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Some of the biggest medical breakthroughs in recent years have been discoveries on how oral health can affect the health of a person's entire body. Gum disease has been associated with increased chances of heart problems and stroke in both genders. As a man, you may not realize that gum disease is associated with several diseases specific to your gender. Here are three things every man needs to know about gum disease and their health. More Men Suffer from Gum Disease Than Women An astounding 56-percent of men have gum disease. Just over 38 percent of women have it. While this statistic may sound like it includes people in developing countries with little access to dental care, it actually represents people in the United States. That means that if you suspect you may have gum disease and are not sure, then the odds…show more content…
However, the longer you wait to treat it, the worse it will get until it reaches a point where the damage it causes, such as recessed gums, can only be treated with surgery. Gum Disease in Men is Strongly Correlated with ED If you experience erectile dysfunction, or ED, frequently, then your first instinct may be to ask your general physician for medication that can improve your function. While you should always alert any changes in your male health to your doctor, the key to relieving it may be treating your gum disease. Recent studies have shown that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are 79 percent more likely to have gum disease. It is believed that the inflammation that gum disease causes in all blood vessels in the body may strike the vessels in the penis first, as they are very small. This inflammation impairs blood-flow to your penis, which is needed to form an erection. Gum Disease Can Also Cause Prostate

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