Why Did The Berlin Wall Fall

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The Berlin Wall was the most visual symbol of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States. After a long 28 years, the wall finally came crumbling down in November of 1989. The Berlin Wall fell because the military buildup of the United States and NATO backed down the Soviets successfully bankrupting them, also the extended empire the Soviets were running became too much to handle and it collapsed from its excessive weight and dysfunctionality therefore the Soviets were not able to control everything so the wall came down and lastly the wall came down because of how many ways people were finding to get around the wall. There were many other little events that all had an effect on the Berlin Wall coming down. The Berlin Wall…show more content…
Many things contributed to the fall of their economy. One of those things that contributed to the economy collapse was that they were focusing too much on their military. Approximately 70% of the industrial output of the Soviet Union was going to the military (Montgomery 2009) . The reason why they focused so much on their military was because they were trying to keep up with the United States. Also the extended empire of the Soviets became to hard to handle. The Soviets thought they could handle what they started but quickly found out they really could not.Representatives from 11 Soviet republics (Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) met in the Kazakh city of Alma-Ata and announced that they would no longer be part of the Soviet Union, this was the end for the Soviet Union (Grabianowski 2008). These states decided to create a commonwealth of independent states. Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev resigned on December 25th 1991, making it a peaceful ending to the Soviet Union. All of these events happened after the Berlin Wall fell, but the Soviet Union controlled the wall so when their economy collapsed it let people think it was really over. Since the soviets economy was struggling the wall came down without to much of a fight because the Soviets were focusing too…show more content…
As soon as the wall had been constructed, the people were coming up with ideas on how to get to the other side of the wall so that they could get back in touch with their friends and family members that had been on the other side of the wall when it was built. On top of that, when the wall had been constructed, many of the places that had originally supplied food and other goods for all the people were only on one side of the wall. So on top of trying to get back in touch with friends and family members that were currently on the other side of the wall, they also had to figure out a plan on how they could get food and other supplies from the East side of the wall to the West side of the wall so that they could have the basics to continue their normal lives on the West side and not starve to

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