Lindau Gospel Book Cover Analysis

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The Lindau Gospel is made up of two separate covers and contains The Gospels according to: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The two covers are from different time periods and different sources. Both of the covers being extremely similar and different in many ways. To begin, the back cover was created around 780-800 AD and was inspired by the medieval Nordic and Hiberno-Sacon traditions of jewelry making. The back cover was made up of silver guilt with enamel cloisonné, precious gems, and semi-precious gems. The front cover was created during 870 AD. It was made up of gold, precious stones, and pearls. The Lindau Gospel was thought to be placed on an altar for a daily reading of “Good News”. The back cover of the Lindau Gospel’s dominant motif…show more content…
The front cover of the book has an image of the crucifixion which is a very Carolingian representation of the crucifixion. In more recent times, we see that Christ has a look of pain and see his body hanging on the cross more realistically as if the body is responding to gravity, but on this cover, His body is completely straight without expression. What is being more represented on this front cover is what everyone wants to see which is the Christ who lives without suffering. The only type of suffering evident on this piece which is extremely minor is the blood dripping down from his hands to which He does not respond to. You can also see from the cover the figures below Christ are mourning His death and the figures above are more angelic. The fact that the crucifixion of Christ is happening on the cover of this book gives off the idea that it opens heaven in a way. Like we discussed in class, during the Classical period, drapery was popular amongst them which is displayed on Christ on the Lindau Gospel cover. Both sides of the Lindau Gospel cover could work as a sort of metaphor for what is inside of the book. You could assume that the people from this period could not read so it would make sense for these covers to be so detailed with a lot of underlying meaning you could draw out of it. You could consider the overall richness of these two covers because of the overwhelming amount of jewels and gold on each of

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