Why Shouldn T Tommy And Jim Have Sex Analysis

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Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex? Even in the year 2015, homosexuality is still a topic that not everyone is able to agree on yet. There are people who argue that being homosexual is unnatural as it goes against the natural law, it will always stop a child from having either a mother or a father, and probably the most obvious that it doesn’t foster having a family as it means that the union will be sterile. All of these arguments are very popular but the one that will always come up is that being a homosexual actually is offensive to God. God created Adam and Eve and told them to and in the Bible it says that God told them to procreate and to put children on Earth; this of course isn’t able to happen between same sex couples, therefore it goes against religious morals which makes it a sin. While there are those who firmly believe that homosexuality is the worst thing that a person can do, there are people who strongly support it. While people are still not totally on board with homosexuality today, we have come a long way, especially just in the past year with equality for the community. There are supporters who say that being a homosexual promotes equality as it proves that everyone finally has the…show more content…
Corvino is a straight man that is speaking up for the rights of his gay friends. The arguments in this essay are simple; the first one being that it is a good idea for Tommy and Jim to have sex. The support for this is that when people have sex it is pleasurable and even more importantly it can bring people closer together who are in a relationship. So if Jim and Tommy are in a relationship and want to be closer to one another, they should have sex. Sex normally shows that the relationship is healthy and if Jim and Tommy feel they have a good relationship then sex just adds to

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