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Everything that happens in the world is made to work out according to God’s plan. An all-wise, all-powerful God must have one. That plan is also known as fate, and all living creatures’ fate is determined and controlled by God. In “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles, fate looks to be the connection that drives the story. However, this story of tragedy makes one point the finger and wonder who is truly to blame for Oedipus’s tragic downfall. There were many people involved. The gods, King Laius, Queen Jocasta, and King Oedipus himself all share a part in the prophecy coming true for King Oedipus and his family. From the readings, ancient Greeks took their faith in the gods and prophecy seriously. It is clear that Greek gods are supposed to be perfect, humble, people that represent equity. In the play “Oedipus the King”, Sophocles made the gods seem as if they were evil, heartless, life controlling individuals. The gods took it upon themselves to put a curse on Oedipus, an innocent unborn child, they controlled his fate with the prophecy before his birth to murder his father and marry his mother. The gods utilized the oracle of Apollo to reveal his fate to an adult Oedipus. By controlling fate, the gods played a significant role in the destruction of King Oedipus, his mother, and father. King Laius of Thebes also…show more content…
He successfully solves the riddle and becomes the King of Thebes and marries Queen Jocasta. After hearing of the plague set on Thebes and all the people living there, King Oedipus lets his pride and arrogance drive him to investigate and search for the true murderer of King Laius. He hoped that he would once again be a hero to the people of Thebes, despite his fears and doubts regarding his identity. It wasn’t until King Oedipus sent out for an in depth search regarding the death of King Laius, that he discovers his true origins. He learns from Creon that he is the actual murderer of King

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