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Transtheoretical model (TTM) is a comprehensive framework that has been used to understand behavior change. TTT emerged from a comparative analysis of leading psychotherapy and behavior change theories by Pochaska and colleagues. TTM was developed and introduced in 1983 by Pochaska and DiClemente. TTM is a model of intentional change that focuses of decision making of individuals. TTM consists of four constructs which are five (5) stages of change, (10) processes of change, decisional balance, and self-efficacy. Stages of changes is the key organizing construct of the model representing the temporal dimension of phases and step through which ones are believed to change or not to change ones behavior. There are five stages of change which are…show more content…
No single theory can account for all the complexity of human behavior change. A comprehensive model is often integration across major theories. ii. Behavior change is a process over time through sequence of stages. iii. Stages are stable and open to change iv. The majority of the target population are not ready to change and cannot be served effectively through traditional intervention program v. Specific processes of change should be emphasized at specific stage to maximize the success. In 1994, Prochaska and colleagues investigated the generalization of the TTM across 12 problem behaviors. The cross-sectional comparisons examined the relationships between 2 keys constructs, the stages of change and decisional balance. In all 12 studies, cons of changing outweighed pros for individuals in pre-contemplation, pros increased between pre-contemplation and contemplation. From contemplation to action, cons in action is lower than in preparation and contemplation. Pros were higher than cons for individuals in action found in 11 out of 12 studies. The result provided strong support for the generalization of 3 basic constructs fi the TTM: the stages of changes, the pros and cons, and the integration between stages of change and decisional

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