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Abigail and John Adams wrote over 1,100 letters to one another, which began at the beginning of their relationship which was in 1762 and ending in 1801, which is when John’s occupation as a politician ended. These sincere and highly informative letters include John's portrayal of the Continental Congress and what he thought about Europe while he served in his many political roles during the time, as well as Abigail’s writings to inform John about their family, homestead, and information about the Boston area and how the Revolution impacted it. John’s profession as a lawyer moved him around the United States away from his household for long periods of time, when John left he left Abigail as the overseer of their home. In many ways, her letters…show more content…
That economic system explained why in the past, many women were wedded for the majority of their life even if they did get divorced; they still returned in the game and wedded another gentleman. This is because the women needed a person to provide for them being that women jobs were not that well-known in the 1800’s. Fathers provided for their daughters for the first part of their life then the daughter was required to get married and have their husband provide for them. This was all the same with John and Abigail Adams, while John was out in other colonies on business, Abigail was at the household with their children, “tis almost 14 years since we were united.” In the present society, that does not happen, and it also connects with women’s rights if thought about. In the 1800’s women were more tied back by overseeing the house while the man was the source of the family income, now-a-days the pie chart is almost equivalent, with women covering half of the family income and gentlemen covering the other half. Women and gentlemen both work and both provide for their family. Women did not work; they were house mothers that took care of household chores and family tasks such as going shopping for groceries, “Indian Corn at 5 shillings, Rye 11 and 12 shillings.” Both systems, dating and courting, have their ups and downs but the better system would be today’s society being that women and gentlemen are equal. The offspring of the parents get to see both of their parents and the children will now look to their mother and father as role models to follow. Competition is not an element of the dating system, yes males like the same female but there is a special code that does not allow for competition to occur, which is friendship or respect for other

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