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Friedrich Heinrich Karl “Fritz” Haarmann was a very sadistic and manipulative individual. Conning multiple sources such as the police of Central Hanover Station, his father, various landlords, and even his victims, Fritz arose suspicion throughout Hanover. Haarmann committed copious crimes that would later lead to his demise. Known for his signature “love bite”, Fritz recycled a unique scheme of slaughtering his victims. "I never intended to hurt those youngsters, but I knew that if I got going something would happen and that made me cry... I would throw myself on top of those boys and bite through the Adam's apple, throttling them at the same time." Harmann preyed on male victims between the ages of 10-22, the majority of whom were in their…show more content…
There he persuaded various teens to “live” with him. After inducing the “love bite” to the trachea, Haarmann systematically and extensively mutilated and dismembered each victim starting from the throat and severing their heads and discarding them in sacks in local rivers. Habitually, which this directed to all of his apprehensions, Haarmann would keep majority of his victims personal items and often be seen wearing them. The reason as to why this led to his apprehensions was because whenever the police got word of missing teens, testimonies and witnesses always directed towards Haarmann. He was consistently noted as the last individual to have been spotted with the missing teens prior to their disappearance. Also, when the teens ran away and other situations, they always ended up Hanover Central Station, where Fritz was known to lurk. Evidently, police end up searching through one of Fritz apartments and find apparels of the victims along with blood stained walls and floors. Even his neighbors stated that he would have a sum of boys visit his apartment and then every morning or evening he would leave his apartment with a big

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