Who Is The Protagonist In Frankenstein

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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, also known as the author of “Frankenstein,” a gothic novel published in the early 1800’s during the period of romance, impacted the literary world immensely. “Frankenstein,” encompasses an eccentric scientist, named Victor Frankenstein, who creates a grotesque creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. However, once Victor gives the creature life, he can no longer bear to scrutinize its aesthetic appearance, causing Victor to flee. Leaving the creature depressed and despondent. Due to the creatures’ emotional damage, he murders Victor Frankenstein’s dearest family and friends. This led to Victor and the creature chasing after each other throughout Europe. Although the creature is depicted as a ‘beast’ or ‘antihero,’ realistically, I consider his creator, Victor Frankenstein, the true antagonist of the novel.…show more content…
Apparently, William revealed the creature’s creator, Victor Frankenstein, once he saw the creature’s appearance. Due to the creature’s denial, he grasped William’s throat to silence him, and in a moment, William laid dead at the feet of the creature. A family member of both Victor and the late William proclaimed, ”William is dead!- that sweet child, whose smiles delighted and warmed my heart, who was so gentle, yet so gay. Victor, he is murdered!” Proving that Victor’s marvelous creation has led to severe consequences, which affect him, his family, and those close to them. In other words, if Victor Frankenstein’s was not so self-centered, his eccentric ideas to create life in unnatural ways might not affect people in such negative
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