Compare And Contrast Materialism Vs Dualism

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In Philosophy, the mind-body problem is an ongoing debate regarding the connection between mental states and physical processes. Philosophers have become involved with the understanding of the mechanical principles of psychology. In order to better understand the mind, philosophers have created two different approaches concerning the mind-body problem. One major position concerning the mind-body problem is known as materialism. Materialism states that all substances are material and all causes are physical. Whereas the opposing approach, dualism, states that both mental and physical substances exist. Materialism and dualism have major arguments defending one’s own viewpoint. Some arguments counteract with one another, but that is what creates the theories to appear important to the understanding of the problem. Although there…show more content…
However, this problem indicates significance and implications. First off, it is significant that the mind and brain are involved in a two-way causal interaction as it influences one’s behaviors. The body is affected by the mind when it is in action. For example, the brightness outside might be bothersome in which it causes an individual to cover their eyes. The mental states influence the physical processes which is significant while working together. Conversely, the mind-body problem has implications regarding the mind and brain being involved in a two-way casual interaction. Materialism argues that humans are only physical and deny that the mind and soul exist. But epiphenomenalism denies this two-way causal as it states that the mind is to the body, meaning that the mind is ultimately a byproduct of the body. For example, smoke is to fire. It is possible for the mind to remain in existence, even if the body does not function. Although the brain can cause a mental state, that mental state cannot affect a brain

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