Who Is Malcolm Sayer In The Awakenings?

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The two main characters in the Awakenings is Dr. Malcolm Sayer played by RobinWilliams and Robert De Niro played by Leonard Lowe. This drama film is a story about the neurological disease called Encephalitis Lethargica or EL. This disease became epidemic in 1917-1928 that caused a lot of people to become a living statues, emotionless, speechless and helpless for many years. Robert De Niro had this kind of disease. This disease usually paralyses people including their brain and living the person completely blank but still alive. Then the nurse came to Dr. Sayer’s office with this lady named Lucy who also had encephalitis lethergica to get examine by Dr. Sayer. He discovered that there is certain stimulus that reaches a person’s mind with this disease and they are able to catch a ball and can hear music.…show more content…
Sayer also discovered that Leonard is able to communicate with him through an Ouija board. Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a dedicated physician in New York was convicted with many patients having encephalitis at Bronx hospital to conduct his research and experiment to try the L-DOPA. After that, he attended a conference about L-DOPA drug and how successful it was in treating Parkinson’s disease which is identical to Encephalitis Lethargica. Dr. Sayer has the hope that it will give a breakthrough to his patients to cure this kind of disease. Then Dr. Sayer tried this drug to Leonard, suddenly he became “awaken” after the drug was injected to him. Dr. Sayer begins to try this to other patients with encephalitis lethargica. Miraculously, all the patients were able to move freely and can think again including Leonard after many years of being unable to use their physical bodies and brains. Meanwhile, Leonard started to face adjustments in his new life. He saw a beautiful woman named Paula played by Penelope Ann Miller and he got interested to her. Every time Paula is visiting her father at the hospital, they are spending their time talking to each

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