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The movie Awakenings is a true story and also an American Drama Film based on Oliver Sacks a neurologist. The movie was produced by Walter F. Parkes. This is the story of a group of patients who are hopeless until 1969. The story started with Leonard Lowe the main character of the story and Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Sayer. Leonard Lowe lives in France with her mother. He is one of the many victims of an epidemic encephalitis lenthargica that been spread worldwide from 1917 to 1928. As his sickness progresses, he cannot spend more time to his friend anymore, for fear of spreading the disease. Then in 1969, Dr. Sayer applies for a job at the hospital in Bronx. He is an experience researcher but in non-humans subject. But the hospital hired…show more content…
As he investigates he told all his theories on the other doctor in the hospital but then they did not approved on what Dr. Sayer theory. His investigation of multiple patients with catatonic conditions leads to discovery that mostly the patients out there are suffering from the encephalitis lethargica. Catatonia is a state of neurogenic motor immobility. He analyzed each patient first who had the same exact illnesses. Dr. Sayer then found the connections between every patient. After finding the drug that can help his patients and the possible reasons, he wanted to test the drug on one patient. So Dr. Sayer tested the L-Dopa drug on Leonard Lowe with the family’s consent. Leonard Lowe was Dr. Sayer’s patient who was catatonic also. Leonard has been that way for 30 years ever since he was a little boy. Once Dr. Sayer tested the drug on Leonard, hours have passed but Leonard was able to move again and was no longer catatonic. Dr. Sayer was happy and amazed of what L-Dopa had done. After a few days, he then tested it on the other patients who were catatonic as well and after several hours, the patients were able to move again. Everyone was able to enjoy their lives. Yet, Dr. Sayer did not know…show more content…
Malcolm Sayer while Robert De Niro played as Leonard Lowe. These two persons really did a great job on their movie. While on the other hand the patient that marks on my mind was Alice Drummond played as Lucy on the movie. She is one of the patients of Dr. Sayer that had encephalitis lethargica. She is the one that Dr. Sayer been observed in his office and in that day also he figure out that even that she can her glasses if it’s falling. Ruth Nelson played as Mrs. Lowe, Penelope Ann Miller as Paula, Julie Kavner as Eleanor Costello, John Heard as Dr. Kaufman, Max von Sydrow as Dr. Peter Ingham, Judith Malina as Rose, Dexter Gordon as Rolando, Anne Meara as Miriam, Tiger Haynes as the Janitor, Steven Randazzo as Luiz, Peter Stormare as Neurochemist, Mary Alice as Nurse Margaret, Richard Liberntini as Sidney, Laura Esterman as Lolly, Keith Diamond as Anthony, Bradley Whitford as Dr.tyler, Libby Titus as the club singer, Charles Keating as Mr. Kean, Barton Heyman as Robert, Mel Gorham as Nurse Sara,and lastly Steve Vinovich as

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