Who Is Boxer In Animal Farm

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Name: Talia Mickelsen In the satiric novel, Animal Farm by George Orwell, the character Boxer represents the working class members who rebel against Farmer Jones and his men. However, Napoleon the pig and his followers come to take over the utopia to make Animal Farm miserable. Boxer the horse is the greatest supporter of Animal Farm because, he is hard working, loyal, but naïve. Boxer’s traits and strength allowed him to help Animal Farm to progress. In the novel Animal Farm, Boxer the horse, inspires the other animals to work harder…show more content…
This also shows Boxer is one of the biggest supporters of Animal Farm because of his strength. Furthermore, Boxer is one of Napoleon's’ biggest weapons because of the way he fights when they go to war, and his ability to work without stopping. As shown in the book Animal Farm, “Boxer was the admiration of everybody.” Since he worked the hardest, the other animals followed his lead. Boxer is the one animal who got the other animals to work through the rough times. Boxer is another big supporter of Napoleon’s plans because of the way he got the other animals to stay loyal. Overall, Boxer is the greatest worker of Animal Farm and works harder than any other animal on the farm. Boxer is the most loyal animal on Animal Farm. First, Boxer says, “Napoleon is always right,” and this shows Boxer solves problems by going to his mottos. This aspect makes him more loyal to Napoleon. This also shows Boxer always follows the party and does not have any say in things, such as building the windmill. Furthermore, this illustrates the way Boxer decides to be loyal to any leader of Animal Farm no matter what happens. This makes it
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